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Our company has a group of attorneys, consultants and others with over 30 decades of combined expertise in the securities industry and in securities . Since 1993, we’ve represented thousands of investors nationwide to recover losses.

We’ve helped clients recover monies through mediation, negotiation, mediation and litigation. More than 90 percent of people who have engaged our services have recovered all or some of their losses. If necessary, we team with lawyers within our client’s hometown or condition at our cost.

We have also served many foreign customers, partitularly from Latin America. FINRA Rules regulating the jurisdiction of U.S. based broker firms require that global clients with brokerage accounts at FINRA registered firms should file all claims for relief in mediation cases in locations inside the United States.
Legal, Brokerage Company and Investment Experience

Members of the firm have over 30 years of combined experience in the securities sector and also in securities law. Our attorneys have each received a law degree in an accredited law school. The founder of our company also earned an advanced law degree (LLM) from Securities Regulations in Georgetown Law School in Washington, D.C. Most of our attorneys also functioned as licensed securities brokers at major brokerage firms, a few serving as vice president or in supervision and compliance at those companies. Most of the members of our team and consultants also worked at brokerage and investment firms and many of them were licensed representatives and/or supervisors. Together, the members of our staff have worked for dozens of securities firms, including almost every major brokerage firm on Wall Street.

Exercise your constitutional rights
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Our business lawyers return your calls after hours, so you can receive immediate advice. Located in the center of Ann Arbor, our law firm is within walking distance of the courts.